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    Goran Karlsson Associate Professor
Senior Scientist
Octapharma AB

I have completed the courses “Comprehensive Method Development in Liquid Chromatography” and “Advanced Course in Liquid Chromatography,” given by expert instructors at the Academy of Chromatography.

Both courses provide an in-depth view of chromatographic theory, including kinetics, thermodynamics, and retention mechanisms, etc., and how different variables affect the chromatographic separations. These courses would be an excellent complement to several other short courses in chromatography, especially those describing its practical approaches.

As one who has taken many courses on basic and advanced aspects of chromatography, in Sweden, The Netherlands, England, and the US, in the last decade, I recommend the courses on theoretical and practical chromatography offered by the Academy of Chromatography.

Christina von Döbeln Mikro Kemi AB

The course Comprehensive Method Development in LC was perfect for me and my work as analytical chemist. Thanks to you I understand more about method development and how to think in optimization of methods. The course material has become a good guide to my work. Besides, I had a really nice time with the group. Thank you for a useful and great experience!

Shakira Shaik Lecturer in Biology
Science Foundation Programme
University of KwaZulu-Natal
Westville Campus
South Africa

To me the course Liquid Chromatography in Theory and Practice was presented in a very professional manner. Although I struggled with a lot of the material (due to my inexperience in chromatographic methods and analyses), I felt comfortable enough in approaching you to address my concerns. I have come back with my horizons expanded and a new passion for HPLC especially. The course was very informative, complex at times, but enjoyable nonetheless. I feel confident enough to tackle troubleshooting and method development.  For me what lacked was perhaps some practical experience on the actual instruments. Nevertheless, I totally appreciated your expertise and effort in putting together a truly well-organised course. Keep up the good work and good luck in all your future plans.

Anna Rozhkova PhD

The Advanced Course in Liquid Chromatography provides a profound knowledge in the physical processes behind the liquid chromatography, whereby giving an opportunity to look into the “black box” called liquid chromatography. The combination of a scientific presentation at a very high niveau with an excellent organization and hospitality makes the course attendance to a great pleasure.

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