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The Academy of Chromatography provides high-quality professional education at both intermediate and advanced levels. Our courses are intensive, focused and applies a practical perspective while still firmly based on theoretical concepts. The courses are primarily designed for analytical chemists and chromatographers working in industry and at universities. We bridge the gap between the practitioner and separation science. Our courses are highly interactive, providing ample opportunity to address individual concerns.

The Academy of Chromatography is independent of vendors and gives you an unbiased education based on scientific facts and long experience. The courses will enable you to be more effective, productive and competitive in your scientific work. If you are responsible for the HPLC work in a laboratory or work with development of HPLC methods, the courses "Liquid Chromatography in Theory and Practice", "Troubleshooting LC Methods" and "Comprehensive Method Development in LC" are specially designed for you. In these courses you will become familiar with chromatographic concepts and their physico-chemical interpretation. You will also understand how the separation is affected by changing the experimental parameters. 

Chromatographic research and advanced method development require an understanding of many areas within physical chemistry and chemical engineering. You need to have a good knowledge about e.g.: The thermodynamic and kinetic models and concepts used in chromatography. The interpretation of the mass balance equation for chromatography and its consequences. The basic fluid dynamics concepts. Intermolecular forces, properties of solutions etc. In the "Advanced Course in Chromatography" you will become acquainted with all these concepts.

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